About Myeslf

Terrance B has been thrilling and mesmerizing audiences for over 14 years with his comedy hypnosis show. Now, with HypnoDog this Hypnotizing duo takes comedy hypnosis to another level. This combination makes the Terrance B Hypnotic stage show even more hilarious than ever.

Fall under the hypnotic spell of hypnotist Terrance B and HypnoDog and you’ll awake to treats of audience laughter and appreciation as you become the star of the show. Together Hypnotist Terrance B and HypnoDog will make you roll over with laughter while making sure there are no accidents on the carpet

Besides being a hypnotist, Terrence is also a professional lawyer with expertise as a criminal lawyer, personal injury lawyer, immigration lawyer, family lawyer, and real estate lawyer. He has been helping communities to resolve cases and get the justice people deserve. You can contact Terrence anytime if you are falsely convicted and he will do anything to solve your case.