Bad SEO Tactics to Stay Away From for every lawyer doing Digital Marketing

SEO can make or break a business. Yes, you heard it right. If proper SEO strategies are implemented, it can be very helpful for a business to succeed. Similarly, wrong SEO strategies when applied can prove to be very harmful to a business. No one can deny the fact that SEO efforts can help to promote a business and bring more sales. However, it is crucial that the SEO tricks are applied properly. Or, else a wrong SEO tactic can prevent a business from gaining the top spot.

In this blog post, any SEO company in Toronto can outline the obsolete SEO tactics which need to be avoided immediately.

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Link Schemes

SEO still depends on backlinks for ranking on the top of the search engines. The relevancy of the site greatly depends on the backlinks. Hence, businesses should avoid opting for link building schemes as it’s not good for SEO.

Duplicate Content

It is important for a site to publish unique and fresh content. If a site just copies the content from other places, it must get ready to face a penalty. The penalty is that the site gets a lower rank.

Spun Content

When content is spun, it would come up with a nonsensical writing. Moreover, a SEO company in Toronto mentions that the content won’t contain the necessary keywords in them. If Google finds it out, it would penalize the site.

Buying/ Selling Links

Basically, it can be considered as another kind of link building scheme which can be harmful to a site. After all, selling links can lead to de-index a site and lower the traffic flow. In case, a business opts this tactic it would lower its rank.


Over-Optimizing the Site

According to a SEO company in Toronto, this tactic can be very deceitful. It can prevent a site’s ability to get a good ranking position across the SERPs. Basically, keyword stuffing, using more than one H1 tags, using anchor text with rick keywords, etc are some of the reasons of over-optimizing the site. It should be avoided in all respects.

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Keyword Stuffing

This is one SEO tactic which should be avoided in all respect. Even if it can help a site to gain huge traffic, Google can penalize a site.

Bait and Switch

This SEO tactic is about waiting for a site to ranks and then switches it to a different page. Google can easily find it and can get a site banned. It can also lead to high bounce rate for the site. Hence, a SEO company in Toronto recommends businesses to avoid using this tactic.

Unnatural Anchor Texts

The anchor texts are the highlighted words in sentences. The highlighted phrases contain links to other blog posts relevant to the site. However, if the anchor texts contain links for irrelevant pages, it can be harmful to the site. It would lose potential customers and its ranking.

Inappropriate Links

Websites should stop using irrelevant links for optimizing content. If the links don’t have any connection with the search term used by the users, it is not good for the site. it won’t be able to fool Google and avoid penalties.

Any leading expert from a SEO company in Toronto can guide businesses with the outdated SEO tactics. Once they avoid those tactics, it would easily help the site to rank well in the SERPs. Read here why mobile speed of website is also important lawyers to convert more clients!